Benefits of Homemade handmade traditional pickle
Market full of pickles with preservative and chemical
Harmful effects of consuming cheap low quality pickle

A traditionally prepared pickle uses rock salt, lemon juice, red chilly powder and a local cold-pressed oil. Most importantly the ingredients are all seasonal. The preservation and fermentation promote healthy bacteria in the gut. Traditionally made pickles are probiotic in nature.Reports say that the Roman emperor Julius Caesar fed them to his troops to increase their physical strength. Even the Greek philosopher Aristotle has praised the healing benefits of pickled cucumbers.
Our dadis also followed the same practice by using naturally available resources like salt, sunlight and spices to ensure seasonal produce does not go to waste. In the process, they also enhanced their taste and nutritional value.Once the fermentation process starts, the mix produces an acid. This prevents the growth of pathogenic bacteria that could cause the pickle to go rancid. Within 15 days to one month, the pickle will be ready for consumption. Adding a spoonful of pickle to your meal not only enhances taste but also eases the digestive process.
Moreover, the natural probiotics available in pickles can renew, restore and grow affected tissue linings in the digestive tract. It neutralises harmful microorganisms and replaces them with beneficial live ones. This also gives a boost to the immune system. Though artificial probiotics are available in the market, they may not be efficient. These are live microorganisms which can lose their viability when there is damage to the packaging or during its storage. However, homemade pickles have natural probiotics

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  1. Amazing piece of information highlighting the traditional knowledge (with underlying scientific facts) which inherits the pickle making process.

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