Nani-dadi making pickles , papad and other healthy homemade traditional food items.

We in India have always had a long tradition of consuming and enjoying homemade foods. From childhood onwards we have been promoted to consume homemade , hygienic and well cleaned food, thus we crave for foods and consumables that are homemade. We all have in some form or other seen our parents or grandparents prepare many food items that include chips, papads and a wide variety of pickles.

homemade pickle

We find homemade traditionally prepared food most fulfilling on the account of we having faith in the process and the hands that go into it. Pickle is an intrinsic and very important part of Indian cuisine. Without pickle on the side, an essential part will be missing from an Indian thali. You will find pickles in most Indian thalis. During summers, it’s a practice in many Indian homes to prepare pickles in enough quantities so that it lasts for at least a year. Mango, lemon and chili are the most common pickles and there are hundreds of varieties of pickles.
Acidity clears the head and the palate, and provides drama and dynamism to culinary experiences. Whether it’s bright pops of capers, olives, or the Indian staple achaar, pickled condiments add seasoning and complexity with minimal effort.In India, lemons, unripe mangoes, green and red chilies are the most preferable ingredients to make delicious pickles. However, achaar in India goes beyond the concept of spices concoctions to which most of us are accustomed.

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