Once Upon a time in a small village surrounded by mango trees, there lived a wise old women named Ratuja kumari was famous for her creative skills and her ability to make mouth watering pickles o tease someone by showing them something they want but can’t have. One summer, when mango tree is generous and giving, expecting nothing in return, expect love. Ratuja kumari decided to do the experiment with new recipe of mango pickle instead of cooking mango with spices. she choose the traditional method of her grandmother told her the art of smoking food to preserve and enhance its flavor. Ratuja kumari begin a journey to create a non-heated smoked mango pickle.

She carefully selected the best mangoes from garden, slicing them wash them, and placing into the tray. She set up her smoking equipment’s, using a pleasant smell wood infuse the mangoes with a rich, smoky flavor.As mangoes absorbed the enhance of the smoke, Ratuja kumari added all the handmade spices like Kachi Ghani mustard oil, Three types of salt, Pieces of raw mango, Afgani Hing, Home made Achar Masala that capture the spirit of home-made pickles and bring the traditional flavours.

Days passes as the mangoes ready for transformation each moment filled with the forecasting of final results. When time finally come taste the ready mango pickle marry is full of excitement, would her experiment prove successful ?

Finally, she lifted a piece of smoked mango pickle, spread like a wildfire throughout the village, many visitors from village come Ratuja house to taste the mango pickle .soon her small kitchen become a bustling lots of activity , as people want to purchase the pickle jar from her.

As the years went by, Ratuja kumari non-heated smoked mango pickle became a beloved tradition in the village, passed down from one generation to the next. And though Ratuja kumari eventually passed away, her legacy lived on in every jar of pickle.

For the villagers, eating Ratuja kumari non-heated smoked mango pickle wasn’t just about savoring its delicious flavor—it was a tribute to a wise old woman whose culinary creativity had brought joy to their lives. And so, with each bite of smoky sweetness and fiery spice, they remembered Ratuja kumari and the magic she had won with her pickles.

Mango Pickle

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