Amla Supari(grated) 200gm | Homemade, Authentic, No preservative

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Ingredients :Sun dried Amla,Sugar,three types of salt,home-made masala

  • Organicanand products are made without using any Preservatives & using authentic ingredients
  • Handmade in small batches with Homemade Masala & traditional process
  • “HEALTH Benefits: Rich source of Vitamin-C and immune booster.
    Best to eat after meals for better digestion.”
  • As we don’t use preservatives, always use a clean and dry spoon & keep it away from water and moisture
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Elevate your snacking experience with our authentic Indian Amla Supari (grated), now available for convenient online purchase! Embark on a delightful journey that celebrates the unique flavors and benefits of this traditional treat.

Immerse yourself in the invigorating taste of our handcrafted Amla Supari, expertly prepared using the finest amla (Indian gooseberry) and a blend of aromatic spices. Each bite offers a tantalizing combination of sweet, tangy, and spicy notes that’s both satisfying and bursting with natural goodness.

Whether you’re a health-conscious individual seeking a wholesome snack or a flavor enthusiast eager to try something new, our Amla Supari is the perfect choice. It’s a guilt-free treat that can be enjoyed on its own or paired with your favorite beverages.

Amla Supari digestive - 200gm

Enhance your snacking moments by savoring our Amla Supari as a quick energy boost, a palate-cleansing treat, or a delightful after-meal indulgence. Its versatility adds a burst of authentic Indian flavors to your snacking routine.

Say goodbye to the inconvenience of scouring local stores. Our user-friendly online platform allows you to effortlessly order Amla Supari from the comfort of your home. Enjoy the convenience of having this cherished Indian delicacy delivered straight to your doorstep.

Celebrate the rich heritage and flavors that have been cherished for generations. Our Amla Supari isn’t just a snack – it’s a piece of tradition that brings you closer to the heart of Indian culture and culinary excellence.

Seize the opportunity to immerse yourself in the genuine taste of Amla Supari. With every bite, you’re not just enjoying a snack – you’re indulging in a legacy of taste, craftsmanship, and natural health benefits. Don’t miss out on this delightful culinary experience!

Place your order now and treat yourself to the authentic charm of Amla Supari. As you relish each bite, you’re embracing a time-honored tradition that encapsulates the magic of India’s culinary legacy. Taste the authenticity today and nourish your cravings in a wholesome way

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30 reviews for Amla Supari(grated) 200gm | Homemade, Authentic, No preservative

  1. Shraddha Shivnekar

    Organic Anand have wide range of products- absolutely clean and super healthy. I ordered the amla supari and I must say they have the best amla supari available in the market. Have also tasted their pickles and other products which are so yummy and healthy as well, the mango pickle is full of flavours and aroma. Would highly recommend Organic Anand for healthier food products.

  2. Rajesh Vs

    Ordered Amla Supari . It was excellent. Truly authentic.

  3. Tanisha

    who love amla supari ..
    just go for it …

  4. Rishi Chadda

    Excellent quality, a very good air tight packaging that keeps the food products fresh and a great taste!

  5. Nirav Mehta

    Really good product.. Reminds me of my school days.. Naturally dried amla. Specially loved the packing. Reusable pack with air lock, can be used again.

  6. Ritesh

    It’s up to the mark
    No chikni supari in this item I like it

  7. Rekha

    Very good product

  8. Varun

    “amla” is rich in vitamin C. A mouth freshener (“supari”) is being made from solar dried amla.
    … gives the vitamin C content of amla supari

  9. Karan

    I really Like Amla Supari taste. Naturally dried amla. pack with air lock, can be used again.

  10. Javed

    Awesome Taste

  11. Aman chauhan


  12. Tejaswi

    Very nice

  13. Dhiraj Shelar

    It is an amazing Amla Supari

  14. Jaskirat Singh

    Lovely taste

  15. Niharika Sinha

    Osum , as expected.Keep it up , my family loved it

  16. Sougat G.

    Best amla supari ever seen excellent quality. Nice packing, reasonable rate , helps in digestion.

  17. kalpesh yashvant bhinde

    Good in taste as well as maintain quality

  18. Mohammed Sarfaraz

    Nice taste

  19. shailendra j.

    Best product

  20. Geeta Sharma

    Nice product!!I liked it!

  21. Sidheswar Kumbhar

    Amazing … it

  22. Vandana prakash Pralash

    Mouth watering taste

  23. Nirmal Rawat Negi


  24. Virendra

    Incredibly tasty

  25. Biplob Das

    Loved it 👍👍👍


    Very good product, Mouth watering taste…

  27. Zareen Syed

    Really great stuff.

  28. Divyanshi kapoor

    Excellent Quality Supari…

  29. Meghna

    Its very very testy. Simply fantastic. Highly recommended.

  30. Nathuni Ram

    So yummy 😋

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