Ayurvedic Nimbo Achar ( 40 days Sun Dried)

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Ingredients :Pieces of lemon,sugar,Three types of salt,Munakka,Kharak,Dalchini,Kalimirch,Home made Pickle masala

  • Organicanand Pickles are made without using any Preservatives and using authentic ingredients
  • Handmade in small batches with Homemade Pickle Masala & traditional process
  • HEALTH Benefits: Ayurvedic Nimbu Pickle is good source of Vitamin-C.&A. It is good for bone and teeth. It is also good source of probiotics. It helps in controlling blood pressure.It aids in digestion and is rich source of anti-oxidants.
  • As we don’t use preservatives, always use a clean and dry spoon & keep it away from water and moisture
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Ayurvedic Nimbo Achar ( 40 days Sun Dried)

Discover the wellness of Indian Ayurvedic Nimbo Achar (Ayurvedic Lemon Pickle), now available for convenient online purchase! Embark on a journey of taste and health that embodies the principles of Ayurveda, bringing harmony to your meals and well-being.

Experience the rejuvenating blend of fresh lemons and Ayurvedic spices in our thoughtfully crafted Ayurvedic Nimbo Achar. Each bite offers a unique fusion of flavor that’s both delicious and nurturing, a testament to the rich heritage of Ayurvedic wisdom.

Whether you’re a health-conscious individual seeking a flavorful addition or an Ayurveda enthusiast looking to balance your diet, our Ayurvedic Nimbo Achar is the perfect choice. It’s a versatile condiment that not only delights your taste buds but also promotes holistic well-being.


Ayurvedic Nimbo Achar

Elevate your dining experience by savoring our Ayurvedic Nimbo Achar as a harmonious accompaniment, a wholesome side dish, or a tasty addition to your Ayurvedic meals. Its versatility adds an authentic Ayurvedic touch to your culinary creations.

Say goodbye to the hassle of navigating local stores. Our user-friendly online platform empowers you to effortlessly order Ayurvedic Nimbo Achar from the comfort of your home. Enjoy the convenience of having this cherished Indian delight delivered straight to your doorstep, supporting your wellness journey.

Celebrate the rich heritage and flavors that resonate with the Ayurvedic philosophy. Our Ayurvedic Nimbo Achar isn’t just a pickle – it’s a piece of tradition that brings you closer to the heart of holistic health and culinary excellence.

Seize the opportunity to immerse yourself in the genuine taste of Ayurvedic Nimbo Achar. With every bite, you’re not just indulging in a condiment – you’re embracing a legacy of taste, craftsmanship, and well-being. Don’t miss out on this delightful culinary experience that nourishes both body and soul!

Place your order now and treat yourself to the authentic allure of Ayurvedic Nimbo Achar. As you relish each bite, you’re experiencing a time-honored tradition that encapsulates the magic of India’s culinary legacy and Ayurvedic wisdom. Taste the authenticity today and enhance your well-being in a flavorful way!

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31 reviews for Ayurvedic Nimbo Achar ( 40 days Sun Dried)

  1. Deepali

    So delicious, just like home made. Timely delivered….

  2. Shilpa Jain

    Superb taste of pickle without preservative. Highly recommended to buy.

  3. Rohit Somani

    Excellent and delicious in taste.. everyone must try..

  4. Amit Khurana

    This is the most yummy starting for every meal . I love it because it is so tasty and I often take it with almost every dish . this has a great taste and its quality is very good .

    its so tempting and has a very good packaging too.

    we can consume it with our daily food products like dal chawal etc. one of the best thing I like about this pickle is it remains fresh and consumable for a very long period of time.

    there should be no questions in regarding to this.

    keep enjoying .

  5. Alam Khan

    I’ll better say that Organic Anand is the Best Pickle Brand, I am sure it will beat the big giants like Tops and Kissan soon.

  6. Raghaveri

    Loved this homemade Ayurvedic Lemon pickle. It’s the real indian taste which reminds me of my Nani ma. Superb packaging with no plastic use. Loved free wooden spoon with pack.

  7. Rohit Gehlot

    Ay nimbu pickle is my favourite from list of Organic Anand. Firstly I thought that it will like Normal pickle of market. But it’s really different and unique. It’s truly homemade with sun riped for 40 days.

    Oil free pickle are also available here.

  8. priyanka paliwal

    Nimbu pickle is superb in taste with spicy sweet taste with khajur n munakka best thing is 40 days sun dried with no preservative. My search came to an end now.

  9. Shivani

    Ordered Ay. Nimbu pickle. It was excellent. Truly authentic.

  10. Amisha Patel

    Ay. Nimbu Pickle is so tasty i really like the taste

  11. Gitesh Bartakke

    Organic Anand pickle is for me and meri jaanu ka favourite comes many verities.i like the flavour and the tangy taste was good, also the texture is perfect.

  12. Gandharv Barve

    I love the taste of Ay, Nimbu Pickle

  13. Ekansh Bendre

    one of my best and favorite pickle is “Organic Anand Ay. Nmbu Pickle ” it tastes really awesome it makes me feel hungry when ever ill get to hear about this pickle not only this product all Priya Pickles are too too good pickles.

  14. Ishit Berde

    I personally loves pickles. But as I stay out of my home I always cant have home food! but organic anand pickles are giving me satisfaction as it tastes as if its homemade

  15. Ishant

    The product quality is good and seems to be hygiene.

  16. Mandar Durgude

    nice pickle

  17. Navnit Gadgil

    I have tasted many pickles brands but compare to them organic anand achar is awesome.

  18. Ena Kadam

    The pickle is yummy! Different from the standard market pickle. Spices are balanced and not too hot. Will order again

  19. Sachet Jaykar

    Great taste

  20. Harilal Dixit

    I just loved whatever I ordered uptill now…flavors r just mind-blowing. I’m getting addicted to it. Have shared with many of my friends n colleagues..kind of promoting it too😉

  21. Aadhunik

    Overall satisfaction

  22. Zrimat Mannan

    The pickle is awesome

  23. Rashmi Kumari

    मैंने इससे पहले कभी भी ऐसा अचार नहीं चखा बिल्कुल घर जैसा स्वाद है।

  24. Ashok Kumar

    Awesome Teste Pickle was so yummy. Its like homemade.

  25. Poonam Singh

    यह मेरे स्वाद के अनुसार सबसे अच्छा अचार है।

  26. Atharv

    Awesome taste! Just like my mother in law used to make. Tasted such a wonderful pickle after a long long time.

  27. Prakash

    I’m loving the Ay. Nimbu Ka achar. Reminded me of my college days! Thank you.

  28. Soubhik

    स्वाद वाकई लाजवाब था और पैकेजिंग भी पसंद आयी।

  29. Supriya

    बिलकुल घर के अचार की याद आ गयी, वही स्वाद वही तीखापन। मज़्ज़ा आ गया खा के।

  30. Sahil Kumar

    heir pickle just reminds me the taste of my grandmother pickle.

  31. Uma

    Loved its unique taste.

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