Fariyali Nimbo Achar ( sour lemon Pickle) | 200 gm

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Ingredients :Pieces of lemon,sugar,fariyali nimbu,lal mirch powder

  • Organicanand Pickles are made without using any Preservatives, using authentic ingredients
  • Handmade in small batches with Homemade Pickle Masala & traditional process
  • HEALTH Benefits: Lime Pickle is a good source of Vitamin C and Fibre. It also helps in digestion, cures nausea and improves appetite.It can be eaten during Fasting.
  • As we don’t use preservatives, always use a clean and dry spoon & keep it away from water and moisture


Experience the tangy delight of Indian Fariyali Nimbo Achar (Lemon Pickle), now available for convenient online purchase! Embark on a flavorful journey that captures the essence of traditional Indian taste, perfect for your fasting and festive occasions.

Indulge in the zesty fusion of fresh lemons and aromatic spices in our carefully crafted Fariyali Nimbo Achar. Each bite offers a burst of flavor that’s both refreshing and invigorating, a testament to the rich culinary heritage of India.

Whether you’re observing a fast or simply craving a tangy treat, our Fariyali Nimbo Achar is the perfect choice. It’s a versatile addition that adds a zing to your meals – from sabudana khichdi to vrat-special dishes.


Fariyali Nimbo Achar

Elevate your dining experience by relishing our Fariyali Nimbo Achar as a tangy accompaniment, a flavorful side dish, or a zesty topping for your fasting-friendly foods. Its versatility brings an authentic Indian touch to your festive feasts.

Say goodbye to the hassle of scouring local stores. Our user-friendly online platform empowers you to effortlessly order Fariyali Nimbo Achar from the comfort of your home. Enjoy the convenience of having this cherished Indian delicacy delivered straight to your doorstep.

Celebrate the rich heritage and flavors that generations have enjoyed during fasting periods. Our Fariyali Nimbo Achar isn’t just a condiment – it’s a piece of tradition that brings you closer to the heart of Indian culture and culinary excellence.

Seize the opportunity to immerse yourself in the genuine taste of Fariyali Nimbo Achar. With every bite, you’re not just indulging in a pickle – you’re embracing a legacy of taste, craftsmanship, and refreshing flavors. Don’t miss out on this delightful culinary experience!

Place your order now and treat yourself to the authentic allure of Fariyali Nimbo Achar. As you relish each spoonful, you’re experiencing a time-honored tradition that encapsulates the magic of India’s culinary legacy. Taste the authenticity today and add a tangy twist to your fasting feasts!

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32 reviews for Fariyali Nimbo Achar ( sour lemon Pickle) | 200 gm

  1. Harshida Rathod

    Quality product with fantastic taste and hygiene..
    Recommended to all.
    Must try once.

  2. Tanujendra Mukherjee

    It was really very good, tastes like HOME!!

  3. Nirmala Paliwal

    superb outstanding go for it

  4. Sunil

    awesome taste must buy once

  5. Suresh

    Organic Anand pickle is a must have product to complete your meal. The taste of pickles makes your food tickle

  6. Madan Lal

    They use good quality products for preparation of pickles.In this brand many types of pickles are available with great taste.

  7. Aadya Mitra

    Happy with the quality of pickle provided by them and packing is perfect. Good variety of choice for pickle lovers .

  8. Aazam Malakar

    delicious pickle

  9. Abhijeet Sikdar

    awesome too tasty

  10. Baasima Kundu

    This pickle is good in taste

  11. Baasu

    good taste

  12. Baasu

    good in taste

  13. Abhineet

    Pickle quality is beyond the expectations ,it’s really very delicious and I am so impressed with packing , recommend to everyone

  14. Sindhu

    Delicious taste met my expectation

  15. Priti Das

    माँ के हाथ का असली स्वाद ।

  16. Charu Chopra

    This is by far the best achaar I have ever had. We have it with rice, roti, paratha. Feels absolutely homemade. My whole family cherishes it.

  17. Senjuti Chaudhury

    The pickle is really tasty and have homemade taste

  18. Neha Kumar

    Its simply awesome

  19. Vinod Bhansal

    I am in love with the packaging as well as taste..

  20. Narendra

    बेहतरीन स्वाद।

  21. Anurag Bhatnagar

    I loved Fariyali Nimbu Pickle ,it tastes just the way I like it. I am looking forward to tasting the other varieties.

  22. Tapan Bhattacharya

    Good and Natural Taste


    Authentic Product
    This product is awesome. Great taste.

  24. Jaikumar Menon

    Loved the taste, aroma, and the packaging.
    Only suggestion please make one with little less oil.

  25. Debasish Pramanik

    I am thoroughly enjoying the taste of your Acchar. Thanks for the tasty Acchar once again. Will order again.

  26. Juhi Horo

    Awesome delicious
    fully Satisfied , pure pickle like ghar ka achaar with balanced ingredients.
    Loved it

  27. Arvind Vishwakarma

    I didn’t like the taste …sorry but not for my taste buds.

  28. Jitendra Shinde

    Awesome taste, Really like the product.minimal oil and tastes really good like a home product.

  29. Yatin Sharma

    Very tasty

  30. Tarun Mahajan

    I am very happy and proud of you
    My mother is no more but still I am able to taste the same feeling and love. You all are awesome and amazing. I really very happy by having this kind of pure and tasty AACHAR. I made many orders.

  31. Karan Shukla

    Loved it during my fasting.Best to eat with Khichdi.

  32. Hemlata

    Nice pickle with 100% natural taste

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