Why are preservatives bad?

Preservatives are by very nature are designed to discourage the bacteria’s in packaged foods. They help in discouraging growth of bacteria by creating conditions unstable to allow growth of bacteria.

This necessarily is not bad as they were created to preserve foods for army and travelers so they can have food under difficult circumstances. But with advent of modern culture , people have started to consume these packaged foods even when fresh foods are readily available.

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Earlier the occasional consumption of these products did not had long term effects as they were consumed for a limited period of time, but now they are being consumed day and night by children and adults alike.

These preservatives are reported to have adverse effects when consumed daily. They prohibit the growth of good bacteria’s which help us digest food in our gut or intestines.

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Why organic foods helps Gut?

Organic foods are unprocessed food products made without using any chemicals and in fact they are also grown without any chemicals during farming process.

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They are full of good bacteria which helps in a natural accumulation of healthy organisms in the body. But the processed foods that are currently available in the market are full of preservatives which damage these natural good bacteria in our guts.

Methods to preserve foods organically preservatives free

Organic ways of preserving food is simple and safe. Many methods are same which were used for thousands of years throughout the history.

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Broadly speaking the traditional methods involve sugars, brine’s, salts and oil. All of them are natural foods and they are often reliant on increasing the amount of good bacteria so that bad bacteria’s which spoil foods don’t get a change to grow.

So whats difference in taste?

When we taste our mothers or grandmothers pickles or chips handmade by them in season. we always find them more fulfilling. The processed foods we often find are somehow always seems to be missing something.

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Not to say the amount of sugar’s and salts that are used to make them taste better are far above the recommendations for a healthy diet. Taking something simple as a lemonade which is made at home will always taste better.

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